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File This Under "Ahead of the Curve".

SJSDR Catholic School has been teaching this for years.


From my daily reading comes this:

"As the classical education K-12 movement gains steam, Christian and conservative universities have set up programs to form more teachers in the tradition."

Yeah, we got this.

Here are a few of the pull-quotes.

"Classical school education programs are dedicated to 'a different vision, the cultivation of virtue and the pursuit of the good rather than value-neutral skills-training.'"

"The Circe Institute, a classical education resource nonprofit, states that other common features of the classical model include 'the use of classical books and art, a general preference for great art, music, and literature, an integrated curriculum, and idea-focused teaching.'”

"Demand for this model of education is growing, according to The Association of Classical and Christian Schools, which states that “classical Christian education has seen the fastest, most consistent growth of any private school movement in the U.S.”


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