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Has Your Child's Education Fallen Behind?

Most parents don't think so, but the data says otherwise.


A Sept. 16th editorial in the Wall Street Journal made this concerning observation:

"By now a mountain of evidence shows that Covid school closures were a serious error that caused K-12 learning loss, but according to a report published Wednesday, that’s only the beginning. “Three years after the start of the pandemic,” it says, “Covid-19 is continuing to derail learning, but in more insidious and hidden ways.”

The editorial characterized the poor state of the American student using information from a new report by the Center on Reinventing Public Education, (Home - Center on Reinventing Public Education (

The effects of the covid lockdowns are now manifesting themselves as alarming increases in:

  • Behavioral problems such as difficultly managing daily responsibilities and resolving interpersonal conflicts.

  • Physical violence and bullying.

  • Classroom disruptions

  • Drug use, vandalism, and absenteeism.

It is estimated that the average 8th grader needs 7-8 months to regain proficiency in Reading and Math but has not been given the needed attention in public schools to catch up. As a result, public schools are reporting 1/2 of the students began this school years below grade level. See the info graphic below.

The big disconnect is that parents think their own child is doing just fine. And learn otherwise when their child goes to high school or college.

San Jose Sanchez del Rio Catholic School offers your child the opportunity to learn in a positive environment without these concerns. A school where parents can feel assured their child is getting the education that won't disappoint them.


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