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San José Sánchez Del Río Catholic School to Relaunch in August 2023.

Lessons learned.


The school year ended happily on May 26th with our 14 students excited to begin the summertime. It made me think back to those glorious three months of baseball, swimming and sleeping in.

This past school year was marked by educational and spiritual success as Ms. Kasperson describes in a new post.

Our financial challenges were another matter. Early in the year it was apparent that the school was losing money to a degree that the school would close unless major changes were implemented. In the short term our amazing Catholic community and parents in particular raised money to offset the losses so that at the year's end the school did not owe money to its patron, Our Lady of Good Counsel Church.

We are planning to open again this August but with major changes in how we do business. Here are some of those changes:

  • The school will have its own Board of Directors, including several Directors with significant business experience.

  • There will be new, stricter financial controls including bank accounts and books separate from the parish; monthly financial reports; and regular Board meetings to monitor the school's budget.

  • We will be making even more efforts to be transparent including opening Board meetings to parents and others; and posting agendas, meeting minutes and financial reports online.

  • Recruiting and organizing more volunteers to help in the classroom and maintain the school's infrastructure.

  • Collaborations with other parishes, including St. Anthony's in Mendocino.

These collaborations have resulted in an expanded team to support Ms. Kasperson and Father Pacheco. The new team members, me included, have benefited personally from Catholic education at all levels, are now moved by the Holy Spirit to keep open the only Catholic school in our community. We ask for your help, patience, and prayers.


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