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SJSDR Is Here to Stay.

See what everyone is talking about!


After three years developing our new Catholic school for the Mendocino Coast, San Jose Sanchez Del Rio is stronger than ever and ready for years to come, providing the best in Classical, Faith-based education around.

We've been through all the struggles you can imagine.

First, we made it through opening our doors for live instruction in the midst of a world-wide pandemic. We burned the mid-night oil creating policies and systems, ordering books and supplies, and making our new-to-us little school building shine in just 2 months before we opened our doors in 2020. We worked hard to develop a tried and trustworthy plan for operating on a stream-lined budget so that every family on the coast can afford to enroll their children no matter what their financial situation. And we made it through all the joys, and tears of turning a diverse group of children into a family, ready to learn and play and grow in Faith in God together.

Now, with a wonderful group of people who have come together to make this dream of Faith-based education strong enough to stand the test of time, we are excited about the future and all that it holds for our students and our families. After the close of another wonderful year, we are excited to tell you all about our program!

We are open for enrollment and waiting to hear from you! Please schedule a date and time suitable for you.


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